In Quranic vocabulary, the ‘heart’ is not just a piece of flesh in our body but is the centre of all our feelings, emotions, motives, drives, aspirations, remembrance and attention.

It is the heart which softens (Quran 39:23),

.. or hardens (Quran 2:74).

It is the heart that goes blind and refuses to recognize the truth (Quran 22:46).

And it is the heart that inspires the function to reason and understand (Quran 7:179; 22:46; 50:37).

In the heart lies the root of all outward diseases (Quran 5:52).

It is the seat of all inner ills (Quran 2:10).

The heart is the abode of faith (Quran 5:41) and hypocrisy (Quran 9:77)

..It is the heart which is the centre of all that is good and evil, whether it be contentment and peace (Quran 13:28),

..the strength to face afflictions (Quran 64:11),

.. mercy (Quran 57:27),

..brotherly love (Quran 8:63)

..and God-Consciousness (Quran 49:3; 22:32),

..or doubt and hesitation (Quran 9:45),

..regrets (Quran 3:156) and ..anger (Quran 9:15).

Finally, it is, the way of the heart for which we shall be accountable. Only the one who brings before his God a sound and sincere heart will deserve to be saved.

From the above Quranic verses on Sound Heart, we conclude that Allah has very clearly stated the context of life:

Context of life is seeking Allah’s love and the process is ” Qalb e Saleem– Purification of Heart”

The focus and purpose of our life should be inner purification, to raise the Qalb (heart) to a state of Saleem,

“One who is successful is the one who purifies himself.” (91:9)

Knowing it does not make any difference. We can talk, discuss, and preach about it. But that way nothing is going to change. Knowing connects to the mind, while living connects to the heart.

To connect to the heart, one must undertake a spiritual journey within oneself. This journey must be undertaken by each individual himself as no other person can take it for another person.  Allah, the Prophet, and the Quran can only guide us, but each one must take that inner journey himself.

Discover Yourself is a three-day inner journey workshop, the heart-cleansing workshop, where we guide the participants in the cleansing process of the heart.

We need three days to chip out the hardness formed over the heart and make it soft to bring it back to the natural state (fitra) which Allah has created you in.

Very few are there in this world who can take you step-by-step into this inner spiritual journey of purification in such a short time, and in such an easy way that even a small kid can undertake it.

What we have observed over 17 years of experience is that very few people are willing inclined to undertake this inner journey, while the majority are unwilling as they listen to their inner enemy (Qareen-Satan). They become the slave of the enemy, trapped, reject, and refuse to see the truth which leads to self -righteousness.

Allah ta’la states:

“Some he has guided: Others have (by their choice) deserved the loss of their way; in that, they took the evil ones, in preference to Allah, for their friends and protectors, and think (assume) that they have received guidance.”(Al-Araf, Chapter #7, Verse #30)

“We have destined many men and jinn for hell. They have hearts but do not understand, eyes, but do not see. They have ears, but do not hear. They are worse than losing cattle. These are the heedless ones.”  (Surah Al- A’raf 7:179)

Unless you recognize the enemy the question of fighting it does not arise. Jihad bin nafs (courage to fight one’s own inner enemy)

The path is shown in the Quran, but the mind creates barriers. When the mind takes over the heart, then life is full of opinions, judgments, meanings, questions, doubts, regrets of the past and fears of the future. It completely corrupts the heart and converts it to ingratitude.  Freeing oneself from the slavery of the mind is the path to Salvation. It is a journey from the external to the internal.

The heart is taking control over the Mind—From Beast to Human Being:

The reality is that Allah has created us as human beings and wants us to live as human beings.
(Ref-Al-Rum 30:30), but we fall into a state lower than animals.

The simple solution to purify oneself is to “Be, see and treat every Human Being as a Human Being”. When we see everyone as a human being, there is equality, love, happiness, peace, and contentment. The heart is in tranquility and in the state of purity.