DYS Workshop

Sadath Khan has pioneered the concept of ‘Discover Yourself’, a series of high-intensity workshops powered by the theme of self-introspection. These empowering workshops are not just informative but are also transformative in nature, seeking to guide and shift the participants from self-created reality to the Ultimate Reality. They afford participants the ability to come out of the box and realize the Ultimate Reality, thus opening the doors to a new realm of consciousness, calm, peace and tranquility.

A typical ‘Discover Yourself’ workshop imparts inner peace to the participants.  It helps free them from anger, rancor, jealousy, frustration, and depression, boost their confidence, guides them towards a successful life mends intra-family and inter-personal relationships help set participants’ lives on the axis of God-consciousness, sharpens their understanding of the purpose of life, removes the psychological burdens of the past build contentment and helps in goal-setting and overcoming setbacks.  It unleashes positive energy, heralds hope in lives emaciated with despondency, opens new vistas, and harnesses the inner potential for constructive purposes. It builds bridges between people and the Creator.

Designed by Sadath Khan himself, the unique three-day workshop is a journey to discover One’s True Self and one’s true purpose of life. It is a unique experiential, life-changing and empowering workshop that seeks to transform participants into good human beings. Today the entire education system and the supposed religious education are connecting humanity to the two external faculties, the sense faculty, and the logic and rational faculty. When people connect to only these two faculties they regress and exist as animals and beasts, independent of God, believing in the theory of ‘I, MYSELF’. These two faculties connect to the external world and the whole purpose and desire of life are to survive and exist, to seek maximum pleasure, accumulate and amass external material wealth. Connecting to the external one creates a false self ‘ego’. God has sent His messengers and books to connect human beings to the inner self- ‘Qalb – The Heart’, the third faculty – the realization faculty, which is the seat of the spirit of God, which is eternal, the ethical faculty. When we connect to the spirit, we become the eternal, spiritual, unique, ethical human being, the True or the authentic Self. This faculty has the ability to distinguish between good and evil, truth and falsehood and beneficial and harmful.

Connecting to the inner faculty and using the two external faculties to serve and benefit humanity fulfills the purpose of the Creator. Serving humanity is service to God then life becomes worship.

The intention of the workshop is to remind people that God created human beings and He appeals to all to live as human beings, enjoys the bounties and not resort to inhuman behavior. Participants connect and realize that the source of peace is God. This transports people to a state of peace and tranquility. One can feel free and light. The positivity that one is helped to develop helps participants’ families and others around them to transform, too. One is empowered to get rid of the baggage of the past and learn to be in the present, gaining inspiration to create a new future. Participants can develop the power, freedom, and self-expression to take up any challenge that life throws at them. One can experience, love, joy, peace, happiness, contentment and bliss, gifts that God has given humankind to experience and share with others. The endeavor drives participants to rid the denial way and choose submission way of life and surrender to the will of God Almighty, the Ultimate Reality.

Sadath Khan has pioneered the concept of presenting the Truth with the help of tools based on modern management and psychology. His ‘Discover Yourself’ workshops are a fusion of modern management techniques and Islamic spiritual values and principles. One unique thing about them is their style of presentation. Instead of the traditional way of presenting the Truth, a modern approach is adopted, through which participants are made to distinguish their true self from falsehood, thereby helping to herald and joy and peace. The workshops are very interactive, and participants are encouraged to share their experiences and views. The emphasis is on the application, geared to enable participants to lead a responsible and fulfilling life. The entire focus of the workshop is on bringing in the transformation from within, rather than imparting theoretical knowledge. Participants are helped to experience a paradigm shift through various  exercises  so that they get motivated to affect the required transformation in their life and so that their outlook on life is according to the Quranic world view.[/vc_column_text]

Discovering What & Who?

  • A golden opportunity to discover and explore the infinite inner world, which is not visible otherwise
  • Discover and see the joy, the bliss, the serenity, and peace in exploring your inner world
  • Discover your inner blind spots
  • Discoverreality

What the workshop is about

  • Harnessing the innate knowledge and abilities of every individual
  • Developing an ability to distinguish between knowing, doing and being
  • Developing an ability to distinguish between Truth andFalsehood
  • An experiential exercise, rather than a conceptual endeavour
  • Creating a new future free from the burdens of the past
  • Taking responsibility for one’s life
  • A paradigm shift from self-created reality to AbsoluteReality
  • Experiencing what it is to live Islam as a way of life
  • Developing an ability to see and treat every human being as a human being

What the workshop is not about

  • The workshop does not present a new philosophy, ideology or concept
  • The workshop does not address the Shariah or Fiqh of Islam
  • The workshop is not about disseminating information/ preaching/ motivational speech/lecture/discourse

Why three days?

On the first day, only 10% of what the workshop sets out to do is accomplished. On the second day it is 50%, and on the third day, the remaining 40%.

The first day helps participants prepare for the workshop. The actual core of the workshop happens on the second and the third day. The workshop as a whole stretches over 24  hours, i.e. 8 hours per day for 3 days, thus providing adequate time to empower each participant to reflect on, digest, and seek to answer these pertinent questions:

  • Who amI?
  • What is the inner engineering of the self?
  • What is one created from?
  • What forces operate inside a person, and what makes a person?
  • How can one take command of the forces inside oneself to make life prosperous and be successful in this life and in theHereafter?
  • What is the difference between a reacting machine and a human being?
  • What is life?
  • Where has one come from, and what is one’s destination?
  • What is the purpose of creation?
  • What is one’s true nature?
  • What is one’s role on this planet?
  • Why there is so much suffering in this world?
  • Who is theCreator?
  • What is the Creator’s Will for us, and how do we live according to it?