In our journey of getting closer to Allah each day the Workshop has been a blessing to clear a lot of doubts on the How’s and Why’s of our day to day dealings from the unclear minds. It has shown the way to treat each human being as a ‘human being’ the essence of the Islamic Way of Life. Feeling blessed. Alhamdulillah
Jazak Allah Khair.
The workshop has helped me transform into a better human being. May Allah always continue to bless you and preserve you to touch many more lives.

Mehnaz Tonse

A Certified Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker & an Author,
Discover Yourself Workshop by Sadathullah Khan is one of a kind workshop delivering you more value than you can imagine at a price so low that you can’t believe it. You pay so less in exchange for so much. I am a Certified Life Coach, Trainer, and Author so my level and experience of the workshop were completely different from someone who hasn’t invested much, coached or trained people in personal development in order to become a better version of themselves. The workshop was packed with value, and I found the trainer extremely professional, organized, engaging and experienced in terms of knowledge and delivery. He delivered the workshop based on the audience using effective examples they could relate to pitching in humor to keep the mood light even with such a deep topic. As I said before, I found many answers to the deeper questions of self-discovery and self-enhancement with many practical and simple tools to implement. When a Certified Self-Discovery & Mindset Coach who is well-acquainted with the science and art of coaching and personal development found such immense value, imagine how much would some-one who hasn’t been on this path will. As a person who regards approaching life through the lens of spirituality and as a Muslim, I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to gain clarity and design a life full of happiness, meaning, fulfillment and countless rewards not just for here but the hereafter. My rating: 5 stars! If you really and truly love yourself, don’t think, just go for it. You will be glad you did.

Huma Ahmed-Trainer

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu
Greetings and Best wishes.
I like to state to promote leadership among Muslims and revive them from their backwardness the only solution is to revert to the context of Quran and Sunnah.On this foundation, the history shows Muslims built a brilliant civilization that was the precursor to western civilization. This was a historical fact.

Much could be done better if we had enough time to introspect, contemplate and involve professional management as a part of the development programme.

The whole world is rapidly progressing in knowledge, technology and advances in management etc. This has enabled us to see multiple results unseen in the earlier centuries. Constant research is being carried out on professional management, productivity, creativity, result-oriented behaviour patterns etc. all as a part of modern advances in management.

We commonly understand the human body by studying anatomy and physiology. The study of the mind is known as psychology. But there is one branch of human knowledge unknown to many of us. It is called Ontology. This is the study of being. The major problems with human being are, they do not behave like human beings. This results in failures, sufferings etc.

Every human being is born as innocent as it is naked. Life itself starts as an empty vessel full of opportunities. As we grow the surroundings decides our future. A Prophet hadees says “ Every child is born as a Muslim – fitrah (submitting to the law of nature)and parents and others mould to different sects and segments.”

There is extensive research taking place around the world on the subject of Ontology. Study of human as being. Between human being and Divine being the common word is being. How this is connected to each other is a new study, which is unfolding in a new era of knowledge and wisdom.

Quran is the word of God that directly and explicitly connects human being and divine being.

In fact, when I study modern development it looks as if they have stolen from Holy Quran and Sunnah. This is available freely for Muslims as a bonus. Unfortunately, Muslims are not aware of it.

Mr Sadathullah Khan, editor of Islamic Voice has made extensive studies on modern findings along with Quran and Sunnah. He has produced a programme “Discover yourself”. This has been widely acclaimed as one of the best workshops around the world in USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia etc. Those who have attended have benefited.

This has a great impact on improving interpersonal relationship, developing creativity, productivity, profit, benefit and peace of mind etc.

Sadathullah Khan has busy schedules for his programme around the world.

It is my earnest and humble request to everyone that you should participate in this workshop. This will give new insight and perspective to our faith and practices. It will enable to discover our self who we really are. This will benefit for success and bliss not only in Duniya but also for Akirah the final dwelling place for humanity.  Insha Allah…. May Almighty Allah help us.

Dr. C.P. Habeeb Rahman
President, SIAS, Chairman (Unity Care & Health Services Pvt. Ltd.)

I liked the workshop very much. It is unique and the best way of doing Islah and dawah. It is an easy solution to all the problems in the families. In life how oneself can do Islah? The remedy for this is in the workshop. Since the workshop has lot of merits, common man should attend it as well as learned persons, especially this will be very helpful for women. It has to be conducted in every city. I cannot express the merits of the workshop, only you will know when you attend it.

Moulvi Kaleemuddin

I was deeply impressed by Mr Sadathullah’s powerful presentation skills. His unwavering commitment to social revolution through transformation of individuals has touched the hearts of every participant in the workshop held in Dubai. It was a very edifying experience. As hours went by, he began to grow in me. Not only as a trainer, but also as an individual with a passion for making a positive difference to human lives. I have read somewhere that passion is love and anger combined. His moral indignation and anger at the near-total negation of positive re-enforcement in the lives of our Ummah and his profound love for them moved me deeply.  Mr Sadath’s grassroots level approach to training will do our Ummah a world of good in the long run and be instrumental in creating a massive tsunami effect in the Muslim society. Perhaps the lessons I took from the workshop are totally different from the lessons most others took. The three-day workshop has had a powerful chastening impact on me as a person and specifically as a Muslim trainer who deeply shares his vision of community transformation starting at the grassroots level.

Dr. Kunhammad
Trainer, Dubai

I have traveled to many countries, attending seminars by world renown scholars such as Earl Nightingale, Dennis Weatley, Wyne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, amongst others.  All these great personalities passed on information and their personal experiences. I always felt that there was a need to write a course for Muslims, based on Qur’aan and Sunnah.  Sadathullah Khan has done it.  We have discovered talent that has the ability and method to transform people.  My advice to all my brothers and sisters is to take this opportunity to learn the concept of La illaha illallah, the meaning of abundance and the meaning of unlimited possibilities.

Ismail A Kalla
Islamic Council of South Africa.