Today life is a challenge.  To face life with all its different facets one needs to learn the skills to live a successful, happy, peaceful life. Today relationships are breaking down not because they want to but because no one has taught them the rules of life.

One needs counselling in different areas of life. When it comes to dealing with emotional, social, family and marital health, very few counselling centres or individuals are there who can counsel from the Islamic perspective.

Discover Yourself workshop is one of the best group counselling workshops.

Besides this we also offer:

  1. Individual counselling: Counselling for individuals and youth who are going through various issues of mental, emotional, other personal affairs and related problems. Confusion in deciding.
  2. Couples Counselling: Couples who are going through a rough patch in their marital relationships and at the verge of divorce. Abusive relationships. Individual or couple.
  3. Family Counselling: Counselling for families (parents and children) having interpersonal issues, drugs, studies, marriage and career.

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