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‘Discover Yourself’, is a series of high-intensity workshops powered by the theme of self-introspection. These empowering workshops are not just informative, but are also transformative in nature, seeking to guide and shift the participants from self-created reality to the Ultimate Reality. They afford participants the ability to come out of the box and realize the Ultimate Reality, thus opening the doors to a new realm of consciousness, calm, peace and tranquility.

A typical ‘Discover Yourself’ workshop imparts inner peace to the participants. It frees, helps free them from anger, rancor, jealousy, frustration and depression, boosts their confidence, guides them towards a successful life, mends intra-family and inter-personal relationships, helps set participants’ lives on the axis of God consciousness, sharpens their understanding of the purpose of life, removes the psychological burdens of the past, builds contentment and helps in goal-setting and overcoming setbacks. It unleashes positive energy, heralds hope in lives emaciated with despondency, opens new vistas, and harnesses inner potential for constructive purposes. It builds bridges between people and the Creator.

Workshops Conducted

5 Reasons to Attend DYS Workshop

Discover Yourself workshop helps you understand yourself.

While the main themes and topics of the workshops are aimed at a better understanding of the world. However, the closest thing in this world to you is yourself, that’s why it works best with understanding yourself. Through techniques, you will learn how to reach the state of mindfulness and calmness. What is more, during the workshops many people discover their hidden or forgotten strengths, talents and powers.

It combines theory and practice

Discover Yourself workshop is a holistic event and offers both theory and practice to all its participants. You get some interesting information, as well as some precious instructions on different spiritual practices. What is more important, the workshops give you time for independent practice. Naturally, the balanced combination of theory and practice works well for most people. It has stunning results during such workshops.

You just must Experience the workshop to really understand.

Ultimately, you’ll gain tools, techniques, and understandings that you can apply immediately into any and every aspect of your life, to improve your life and the lives of those you care about. One cannot describe the workshop but only experience it. At least once in a lifetime, one must experience it.

The workshop helps you meet people with similar interests

Most spiritual workshops feature group discussions. You will be surprised at how many interesting and intelligent people you will meet! Sure, it is not obligatory to say something during the discussion on your very first workshop if you don’t want – you can just listen. Anyway, during and after the whole thing you will easily make friends with different interesting people.

It is focused on human Spiritual Principles

Discover Yourself workshops are focused on the fundamental human principles and values derived from the Quran and Hadith. In the workshop, you learn the roots, explore the beliefs and ways to connect to your inner being and realize God-consciousness and get rid of all confusions or uncertainty about religion. People from different faiths, sects and races participate and benefit from the workshop.

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