Our intention for hosting this workshop is to guide and facilitate in bringing you out of the depth of darkness to light, purify your heart (Qlab e Saleem), bring you into the state of  Nafs e Muthmainah (tranquil soul) and connect you to the Absolute reality- ‘Allah’.

-To awaken in you the EYE that can see the Truth / Reality as it IS
-To give you the ability and power to make your EGO submissive to You.
-To align your purpose with the purpose of the Creator.

“He is the One Who sends to His servant manifest signs that He may lead you from the depths of Darkness into the Light and verily Allah is to you most kind and Merciful. ” (57:9)

“We have destined many men and jinn for hell. They have hearts but do not understand, eyes, but do not see. They have ears but do not hear. They are worse than lost cattle.  These are the heedless ones.” (Surah Araf 7:179)

‘ “The day when wealth and children will not benefit anyone, except he who will come to Allah with a Qalb-e-Saleem.” (Qur’an 26:88-89)

* The workshop does not present a new philosophy or ideology or new concept.
* The workshop does not address the shariah or Fiqh of Islam. Scholars are the authority to talk on it. I am not a scholar of Shariah / Fiqh. If anyone asks questions regarding it we simply refer them to the scholars. Many scholars have participated in the workshop, they express and share that in the workshop they got the application of the concepts/theory they learned in the seminary/madrasa.
* The workshop is not about adding information or giving information/ preaching/ do’s and do not’s/ advising/ motivational speech.

It is live interaction between the coach and the participants having conversation that shifts the paradigm of the participants. The workshop is to bring in an ‘Inner Awakening’-  An inner journey to discover spiritual consciousness.

-To know who I am?  To know the True, Authentic Self.
-The workshop is about introducing you to yourself and the purpose of life.
-Uncovering the inner inherent hidden potentials lying dormant inside you.
-To bring you back to the natural state (fitra) which Allah has created you as a human being, enabling you to view and treat every human being as a human being.

Spirituality for me is about discovering oneself and thereby achieving a sense of fulfilment and inner peace.

Discover- means just to ‘uncover or remove the cover that conceals something that already exists. Allah states that there is a veil over the eyes. The workshop is the process to uncover these veils.

Discover Yourself workshop can help you explore the deeper meaning of life. It can help you know your true self and see the ‘Bigger picture’ of life.

I do not know? Is a state you discover? The discovering of oneself is the beginning and the end of all miseries.

“So direct your face toward the religion, inclining to truth. The fitra of Allah upon He has created [all] people. No change should there be in the creation of Allah.

 That is the correct religion, but most of the people do not know.” (Quran 30: 30)

You do not have to attend the workshop.
No one needs the workshop.
Everyone is happy living in self-deception, in the world of self-created reality and believe their reality as truth.

Allah has given you the free will (choice) to live an independent way of life of your choice (of denial) or choose to live a way of life of Allah (of submission).
No one can impose choices on you.
This workshop is for those who are willing to explore the possibilities, to come out of self-betrayal (illusion) and see the truth.

You cannot see your own blind spots, just because you cannot see you assume that you do not have. You will discover many blind spots in the workshop.

What is undistinguished, grips your life, the moment you distinguish it, you are free, liberated and you are in the state of bliss. An HAA !!  Moment.

The workshop is for the people who say I know. These are the people who are stuck, blinded and in the box. They built their entire life around the false-self and the fear of losing this identity does not allow them to attend the workshop.

My job is to make you see what you cannot see. The workshop acts as a catalyst to discover your blind spots.  The beauty of the blind spot is that we can easily see other people’s blind spots but we cannot see our own. Just because we cannot see our own blind spots, it does not mean we do not have them?

No!!! In the workshop, you will have an opportunity to see and discover your blind spots, not one but many, many of them. When you start the process of discovering the blind spots during the three days you will be amazed by knowing that till now that you were living in the world of illusion. In that moment of discovery, you will have insights that liberate you and you will come out of darkness to light, from slumber to wakeful state. At that moment you will experience your spiritual birth. You will be amazed at your discovery. You feel liberated and freedom from self-slavery.

The workshop is a process to take you out of darkness/ ignorance to light/ bliss.
“What is ‘unperceived’ grips your life, the moment you ‘perceive it’ it frees you.”

The moment you discover it- you have Aliveness, freedom, self-expression, and spontaneous actions.
That is why most of the participants in the workshop have major breakthroughs in their lives.
After participating in the workshop, many people regret why they did not do the workshop earlier and regret that they should have brought their family also.
We recommend, though it is not mandatory, that all the members of the family participate together for best results. Especially, if both the spouses do together the benfits are immence.
Who you think you are is not who you are? Then who are you? This is what you will discover?

-You will learn the soft skills of living a life of purpose, for which you have been created.

You will get the ability to distinguish betweenTruth  (Haqq)  and  Falsehood  (Batil), this ability will

give you access to the world of reality, enabling you to experience love, peace, and contentment.

-You will create a way of life of success in this life and in the hereafter.

You do not have to believe, accept, or agree with what is said, you have to come with an open mind to try out what is said, unless you do not try out, you will not get the workshop experientially. Either you participate to know conceptually or get the ability by practicing what you learned, the choice is yours.  Either you learn to live the distinctions of the workshop or know it for preaching others.

Only when you try out what you learn, you will know whether it works for you or not. If it works great, If not, we will coach you to make it work. We are committed 100% to make a difference to  your life. Are you committed? We are your coach for life, not only for three days. We are there for you at any time, to see your life works. Remember us when you fall down and make you stand.

Your stake is, your willingness to invest three days for your self-development and willingness to unconditionally trust the coach.

” Verily Allah does not change the condition of  the people until they change what is in themselves” (13:11)

We guarantee that the person who entered on the first day will not be the same person walking out on the last day, Inshallah. Our promise is only to those who listen to the coach and does what the coach says. 

The workshop is a cure for the diseases of the heart. Most of us are infected with the disease and the best part is we do not know it.
And we are spreading the disease being unaware that we are the cause of the virus. We are blind and we cannot see. My job is to make you see what you cannot see.

The disease can be cured only when you can have trust and practice the way the coach tells you and not doing your own way.

A classroom style. The workshop is led by an experienced coach, who engages the participants in the conversation to make a difference, to make them see what they cannot see.

The workshop is held using visuals, activities, whiteboard for writing, explaining with interactions.
The participants get an opportunity to share and interact.
The learning revolves around humor and in a very easy way. Rules of the workshop to be followed.
Frequent breaks for tea, Salah is given, etc.

Any doubts/ questions which are not cleared in the workshop you will have an opportunity to meet the coach personally and get it cleared.

The workshop is open to all human beings from the age of 10 years and above, who are willing to  enhance the quality of their life and relationship with the people and the Creator.

The funny part is that some people judge and pass their opinion before they attend and experience the workshop. They state that the workshop is for those who have problems in life. They resist participating stating that I have no problems, I do not need, you need the workshop. I like to make it clear that this workshop is not a problem-solving workshop.

Prior to the workshop, their entire life was focused on the questions and hence were stuck up.

The participants get the solutions to their problems and the participants share after attending the workshop that they got breakthrough in their relationships and other issues which they were blind.

This is only the bonus of the workshop, but the prime intention of the workshop is to purify, enhance your spiritual consciousness and connect to the Creator. Allah states:

“He indeed is successful who purifies himself and he is a failure  who corrupts his nafs” (Quran 91:9)

It is said: “There are no FREE lunches in the world”

If given free no value. You must put your stakes to achieve something. Without your stakes, you can never win Allah’s love.

Say, “Indeed, my prayers, my rites of sacrifice, my living  and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the worlds” (Quran 6:162)

The money charged goes towards expenses to cover the travel, the course material, food, and other logistic expenses. The organizers put in their efforts, time and money in organizing these workshops. The workshops are very much subsidized by the organizers as compared to the prevailing personality development/ NLP and similar workshops.

It is not my profession or business and  I do not charge any fee.  I like to share the knowledge that transformed me when I was 52 years. I had spent a lot of time in the company of scholars, being the editor of Islamic Voice for over 30 years, traveled and attended many workshops. The outcome of all my life experiences –Allah gifted me with this knowledge and I have devoted myself to share it to humanity in a simple easy way that anyone irrespective of age and religion can get the message very powerfully.

Now we need a revolution in not changing others but to change our self.

The three-day workshop is facilitated by one person. Dr. Sadathullah Khan, Spiritual Life coach, Facilitator and Trainer.

We do don’t conduct the workshop. We are invited by the institutions/organizations/ schools/ colleges/ madrassas/ individuals in different cities and countries. We accept their invitations and give the dates suitable to both. We offer our services; the host bears travel and accommodations.
Anyone can invite us to host the workshop.

If you like to host the DYS workshop  contact us by email/ what’s App.

“God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God.”  – Albert Einstein.