Dr. Sadath Khan

Dr. Sadath Khan

Founder of Peace For You International Foundation

Born in 1950, Sadathullah Khan studied Science and Engineering in Bangalore, and then branched off in a totally different direction—first in the world of business, then followed by journalism, and then guiding people discover a purpose in their lives!

That is how Sadath’s journey with the Discover Yourself Workshop began. Designed by Sadath himself, this unique three-day educational workshop is a journey to know oneself, True authentic Self. It is a unique experiential, total paradigm shift and empowering programme that purports to transform you into a positive-thinking person, shifting one from in the box to out of the box.

He is also honored with Doctorate in Personal Excellence & Life Mastery with specialization in Transformation Leadership. His life’s vision is to nurture leaders with an ability to make a difference and an innate capability to empower, inspire and lead humanity to the path of truth, love, and peace.

Sadathullah Khan is the driving force behind Peace For You International Foundation, a non-profit educational and awareness organization engaged in empowering people through self–introspection workshops and promoting the concept of ‘Discover Yourself’– ‘To know one’s True /Authentic Self’.

Set up in 2002 by Sadath Khan, the Foundation advocates that Islam is a way of life that leads to peace, and the source of peace is God and that only through connection with the Ultimate Reality can one attain peace, love, happiness, and contentment. Sadath Khan traverses the length and breadth of the world week after week inviting people to end the inner war and attain inner peace. When one has no inner peace, one cannot give peace to others.

Sadath Khan touches the core of peoples’ hearts and helps usher in a sense of deep contentment in them through his workshops. He believes in making a difference to humanity and has already touched the lives of thousands of people. People of different nationalities and backgrounds, including people of different faiths, participate in and benefit from his workshops. His life is dedicated to making people realize the significance of inner peace, which can be attained in knowing the Truth.

What Motivated to start DYS workshop?

Being in the spiritual realm for almost three decades and the driving force behind ‘Islamic Voice’, an English monthly magazine, since January 1987, Sadath Khan had a ring side view of the happenings in the Muslim world. He discovered that most Muslims focused on the fiqh aspects of Islam, which are external in nature; not many focused on the batin or inner purification. He realized that this had an adverse impact on the social fabric of the Muslim community the world over. Divorces, hatred, quarrels, litigations, mistrust, and dishonesty started dominating the social and cultural landscape of the larger Muslim society. This spurred him to launch a series of ‘Discover Yourself’ workshops through the aegis of his Peace For You International Foundation.

Through the Foundation and his high-intensity workshops, Sadath Khan seeks to bring humanity to connect to God, the ultimate Reality. He strives to put people firmly on the Straight Path, to harness the power of inner realization and self actualization. He strongly believes that the need of the hour is to bring all human beings to God’s way. He has spent many years in designing the unique ‘Discover Yourself’ course, based on the Qur’an and Sunnah.

From July 2002 onwards, he has conducted over 400 three-day workshops, in major cities of India and abroad, which has brought about major change in the lives of thousands of workshop participants. Successful workshops have also been conducted in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sri-Lanka, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Lesotho, UK, USA, Norway, Singapore and in Karachi.

To be recognized and acknowledged as a visionary organization that advocates the following core beliefs and functionality:

  • Humanity is one family and every human being is equal
  • Encouraging people to share, create and experience life with love & peace in order to make a Difference to the larger world
  • Transitioning humanity from self created reality to divine reality.
  • To invite humanity to view and respond to situations, circumstances and people from the perspective of divine truth.
  • Empowering humanity to distinguish between truth & falsehood, good & evil.
  • Putting humanity firmly on the path of success in this life and in the Hereafter
  • Enabling people to discover the authentic inner self and the very purpose of life
  • Inspiring people to reach out to the divine creator