I and my wife did the this course last week of March 2009 in Abu Dhabi and believe me it has changed a lot in our life. We now know how to practice Islam because although we know lot of Islam yet we were not practicing the way it should be simply because we did not know the purpose. This Brother Sadathullah Khan has opened our eyes and we can now go to Allah, with peace, In sha Allah. I have attended many personality development courses but this is the only one which changed me. If you do this course you will know how to practice Islam.

Shabir Zainudeen
(Abu Dhabi)

We are back from India. I came across Mr Sadathullah Khan, “Editor of Islamic Voice”, a monthly published from Bangalore. He runs a 3-day workshop called “Discover Yourself”. My sister in law who had attended in the past was so impressed with its positive impact on her life that she had booked us in, when one was held in Mumbai. So I attended the workshop – an unwilling attendee. But came away impressed with the message. The message in essence is “Drop your pre-judgment. Take things as they are. Apply Islamic interpretations to situations. Accept accountability for your own decisions.”

Although I have not attended any up-market “self improvement” courses, I think it is modeled on the same pattern, but with a clear Islamic bent, but without hammering in Islam per se.

All in all it was good. And I think Muslims in Australia would benefit as well, especially the sub-continentals, as they can readily relate to the presenter, and to the anecdotes, examples etc.. I will need to find out how to go about it, as this would be a first for me.

The most amazing thing is that he does that “just on cost” – mostly across Maharashtra and all the southern states. Organizers need only pay for his travel, accommodation, food and transport. No fees for himself. May Allah reward him for his good deeds and intentions? He seeks to empower Muslims by bringing transformation to the people themselves. And, he is right in his line of thinking.

I will shortly forward an email from him re. his South African workshop. If you can forward it on to your contacts in South Africa that would be good. Thanks.

Trust you and bhabi are keeping well. And so does your clan. Will talk to you later.

Allah haafiz. - Madani
Madani Basha

It was my fortune to have your guidance, which I received through your Workshop Program “Discover Yourself” from 24th to 28th of November 2011 in Bahrain. I was in my own belief that I am perfect and all my family members are happy with me.

They were indeed happy to an extent until I had one to one conversation with them. All the inputs from my Wife, Daughter, Son, My Father and My Mother opened my eyes and opened me to my Personal Reality.

Now I have taken all the inputs from you Khan Saab and I assure you that already I am on new path with a vision for myself, my family, my parents , my relatives and my friends and any human being, I will never back off, be a good time or vise versa. Now in my prayers, your name has also been added up, I have this habit of praying Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhalas and Aeytalkursi while leaving for the job, I pray with names of all my dear ones, my relatives and my friends, in that your name is added up.

I and my wife are very thankful to you, and we will do our best to help our self and all other human beings. May Allah give you good health and fulfill your VISION.

Jazak Allah Khairan !!

Tanweer Ahmed

I feel so lucky to have been blessed with the opportunity to attend your workshop. It has definitely lifted so many veils and helped me finally see HOW I can change my life and how to connect with Allah. You have shown me my Purpose!

It was a pleasure to have spent time with you. I will be eternally grateful for your time and the counseling you offered to my sister. May Allah grant you long life, good health and reward you with all the bounties of this world and hereafter.

You are truly a man of God and your message is going to cause such a great revolution that will not only change the person but in turn will change the whole world In sha Allah.

The world needs people like you!

God bless you.

I hope to see you again soon inshaAllah 🙂

JazakAllah Khair. much love and duaas.

Bahrain, Nov 2011

Hope you and the family are well, thank you for taking the trouble to contact us despite your busy schedule.

Alhamdulillah I was lucky enough to attend one of your workshops, when my cousin Shamshad Bhai from Gaborone (Botswana) was still alive, may Allah grant him Jannah, I must say I enjoyed every moment of it.

I am no stranger to the positive thinking world and have read lots and lots of books …ranging from Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within, Unlimited powers.. etc… John Kehoe.. The power of the subconscious…etc etc… Workshops of Louise Hay.. The secret by Rhonda Byrnes, and using those concepts. I have also started writing a book on positive thinking principles and Islam. Reading and writing books are one thing putting them into practice are another, and you have just proven that, being a single mother…has brought me to these paths and I often wondered why no one in the Islamic world ever bothered to bring these truly Islamic concepts to us the west were doing it beautifully…Voila there you appeared like Aladdin and his magic lamp…I was truly impressed with the way you conducted the workshops and also the effect it had on people I knew and am close to…Mashallah!!!

Your workshops have literally changed peoples lives, how wonderful the feeling when your deeds can bring about profound changes…I look forward to the next workshops you conduct in Gaborone and will only be too happy to be of assistance where-ever the need arises..

Salams to your patient family, for it takes a lot for you to have to travel the world without them…I applaud you all for your generosity and care. If every human being did what you are doing, we would be rid of vices and wars…

Khurshida (Hussain) Khan
Gaborone, Botswana

The whole world is rapidly progressing in knowledge, technology and advances in management etc. This has enabled us to see multiple results unseen in the earlier centuries. Constant research is being carried out on professional management, productivity, creativity, result oriented behaviour patterns etc. all as a part of modern advances in management.

We commonly understand human body by studying the anatomy and physiology. The study of mind is known as psychology. But there is one branch of human knowledge unknown to many of us. It is called Ontology. This is the study of being. The major problems with human being is, they do not behave as human beings. This results in failures, sufferings etc.

Every human being is born as innocent as it is naked. Life itself starts as an empty vessel with full of opportunities. As we grow the surroundings decides our future. A prophet hadees says “ Every child is born as a Muslim – fitrah (submitting to the law of nature) and parents and others mould to different sects and segments.”

There is an extensive research taking place around the world on the subject of Ontology. Study of human as being. Between human being and Divine being the common word is being. How this is connected to each other is a new study, which is unfolding in a new era of knowledge and wisdom.

Quran is the word of God that directly and explicitly connects human being and divine being. In fact, when I study modern development it looks as if they have stolen from holy Quran and Sunnah. This is available freely for Muslims as a bonus. Unfortunately Muslims are not aware of it.

Mr. Sadathullah Khan, editor of Islamic Voice has made extensive studies on modern findings along with Quran and Sunnah. He has produced a programme “ Discover yourself”. This has been widely acclaimed as one of the best workshops around the world in USA, Europe, Africa, Middle east, Asia etc. Those who have attended has benefited.

This has a great impact on improving interpersonal relationship, developing creativity, productivity, profit, benefit and peace of mind etc.

It is my earnest and humble request that you should participate in this programme. This will give new insight to our faith and practices. It will enable to discover our self who we really are. This will benefit for success and bliss not only in Duniya but also for Akirah the final dwelling place for humanity.

Dr.C.P.Habeeb Rahman
Mangalore President,
Rasiya Nagar, Vazhayoor East P.O.
Malappuram Dist. -673633, Kerala, India

Your student is elated to hear from you. By Allah’s immense mercy , I and my family are doing fine. Please take some time to read this rather lengthy letter of mine.

In the year 2002 December, I got introduced to you and Alhamdulillah my life has changed so much. Many thanks, to Allah for helping me to “discover myself”.

I attended the workshop in Hyderabad, as I was depressed. I was not able to conceive and hearing so many things from so may people made me very sad. Satan took advantage of the situation and made my mind full of fear, hatred etc.

After the workshop, I grew confident and started working as a teacher .Again by Allah’s mercy, I got a job in the month of January 2003 which is highly unusual as many school take in teachers only in June that is academic year beginning.

I discovered that I can teach. I can bring smiles to so many children and parents. I can do something for my society and also interact with so many strangers confidently during the parent-teachers meeting.

In May 2008, I again faced turmoil in my life. I wanted to walk out of my marital home. Your advise (over phone) for 5 minutes changed the whole scenario. I took a re-looked at the whole situation. I choose to forgive. Sir, In May 2008 we attempted IVF and many thanks to Allah, I have conceived. I am now in my seventh month of pregnancy and what has been my prayer for past 8-9 years have been answered. The journey has not been easy. What kept me going after so many failures was my belief in Allah, his Ayats and YOUR WORDS to keep on trying during the workshop.

I kept repeating and saying to myself as you said in your workshop

“Try and leave the results to Allah”.

“Submit to His decisions –Ek tere Chahat hai, ek mere Chahat hai” that recitation. (You have your desire and I have My Desire, submit yourself to My desire)

Now also so many things I have learnt from the workshop is helping me overcome day to day difficulties of life. Jazakallah kahir, to you. Sir, please pray that I have a healthy and good child and a safe delivery. My estimated day of delivery is in March 2009, in sha Allah.Sir, thanks also for helping my sister. She is also benefiting from the dialogue you had with her.

Jazakallahkhair and feeamaanallah.

Dear Sir,

I would just like to give you a big thank you, because for the first time, I feel so free!! As free as a bird.

I am going to honour my word, I will speak to my father whom I have spent my whole life cursing and I will forgive him Inshahallah.

Every time I pray, I will always pray for you because I am a new person. Thank you.

I am sorry I could not get you a perfect gift but I feel like I need to show you a token of my gratitude because I feel like I owe you.

It’s amazing what you can do in the state of nothingness. You can create wonders…

Thank you, Thank you very much,

Nairobi Aug 2006

Before attending this workshop I had a very negative impression in my mind about the whole event and especially about the presenter. I thought that I will go and will observe the environment and will sit for a short time and will come back, three days from morning to evening was looking next to impossible.

On the first day, I challenged the presenter that I want to see how can I get rid of the burden of my past? How can I control my anger? How can I overcome the stress? Since it was not possible for me. (I ever thought when the situation is forcing you to get angry then how can you turn it down.) Simultaneously, when you will be angry, you will automatically fall in the stress.

Alhamdulillah, Khan saab proved that it is possible, the techniques he used were really remarkable. He made everything practically possible; whatever he said was an excellent display of wisdom. Today I do get angry but on very few occasions, the stress does not take over my personality.

The best lesson I learnt is how to forgive and forget the mistakes of others, your friends, your relatives or the strangers this made my life easier.

May Allah bless Khan saab

Aijaz Ahmed

I had attended number of workshops in Pakistan as well as in USA, Sri Lanka , Thailand & Singapore related to self-discovery , mind sciences etc. However Workshop ‘Discover Yourself’ in Karachi in August 2009 at Bahria University Auditorium by Mr. Sadathullah Khan was a great experience . It was an excellent workshop, very well designed and delivered by Khan saheb . I wish we can have more sessions in Pakistan , so more of us can be benefited with this wonderful workshop. It’s a great 3 day investment / gift , one can give himself / herself or to love ones.

Dr. Sarosh Hamid,

Hope you’re good. I’m Abid Ejaz. My friends and me last year (2010) attended your workshop Discover Yourself held in Karachi. We are anxiously waiting for your next session. We’ve attended some workshops of renowned Pakistani trainers and speakers like Timelender’s Suleiman Ahmer, Sheri Naqvi and Sarmad Tariq of Navitus, Umair Jaliawala of Torque, Kamran Lukhpati of Learning Minds and Sharukh Hussain of ErGC. But your workshop has a very practical approach. We all learned many things from it and it has changed the way we look ourselves, our family, our friends and our society. But its been one year since the last dose and another one is desperately needed to keep the spirits alive :).

Abid Ejaz

I have attended the workshop “DISCOVER YOURSELF” in Qatar, on 29, 30 & 31 October 2009. It was excellent, I can’t explain my feelings in words, The way each point was explained about our life, purpose, aim, decision etc are marvelous. From where we came, How we are living in our present, what is our destiny, respect towards mankind, forgiveness and much more really it is amazing. The base of the presentation is Islamic teachings with modern scientific orientation, very simple but heart touching which definitely will affect our soul. It is my honest advice to all my friends; please don’t miss the next workshop whenever it will be conducted. It will be very useful to discover ourselves to know what we are. Clean ourselves and become a practical human being who can live in peace and will be able to guide others. I pray to Allah to give Ajar to Mr. Sadathullah Khan and more energy to teach maximum people in this blind world.

Abdullah Khan Finance Manager,
National Oil well Maintenance Co.
(NOWMCO) National Petroleum Services,
Doha - Qatar.

This amazing workshop by a very eminent intellectual with highly practical communication skills and an experienced visionary for the Muslim mindset helps to open up those aspects of problem solving which we would have successful living. The spirit can not be separated from the worldly affairs. This workshop helps us to reconnect to our real selves and reinforce the real connection with our Creator.

Sadathullah has contributed largely in this important field of helping people understand the inner selves and thus help gain control over their lives. It does not matter what religion or faith one practices, although some knowledge of the Islamic life style would be an advantage.

When I participated in this workshop two years ago, the fee charged was just to cover the arrangements and snacks served during the sessions.

The faculty does it out of passion for helping humanity rather than making a business out of this. He is certainly not dependent on the revenues from this workshop. I am aware of similar workshops organized at five star commercial environments that are a big money making arrangements. These would cost about five to ten times higher.

I have not met or communicated with Sadathullah for a long time as I have not fulfilled my promise to him that I will help him develop an assessment test for the participants to assess themselves before and after the workshop. The day it happens, I might become a part of his program.

(Saudi Arabia)

Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Kader Khan watch out there is a new Khan in town, Sadathullah Khan: An energetic man from Bangalore, a man on mission to change the world one soul at a time. The course takes you through a mixed masala of emotions. You feel like you are watching a Blockbuster Bollywood drama and a IPL Indian cricket match while attending an Muslim wedding (because the meals were divine)It took Elizabeth Gilbert 1 year traveling thousands of miles, eating in Italy, Praying in India, and Loving in Bali to find tranquility. In this course not only do you eat, pray and love, within 3 days you find inner peace and contentment.

Oprah Winfrey has gone gaga over the New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I read the New Earth and I have attended the Discover Yourself course. After reading some of the self help books promoted by Oprah (The Secret, Power of Now, the Journey, Dr Phil Self matters etc.), I always felt uncomfortable in how it fitted and aligned with my religious beliefs

Oprah Winfrey has gone gaga over the New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I read the New Earth and I have attended the Discover Yourself course. After reading some of the self help books promoted by Oprah (The Secret, Power of Now, the Journey, Dr Phil Self matters etc.), I always felt uncomfortable in how it fitted and aligned with my religious beliefs

He uses techniques he learnt throughout his life, trying to make sense of it all after many failures and during his own struggles after loosing his multi million rupee business. He was also a chain smoker. He talk what he learnt and incorporates it from an Islamic perspective.

This course is the best gift you can give yourself and anyone you love and care for. International courses like this cost thousands of dollars. Khan does this almost for nothing; sacrificing his time with his loved ones to bring love in the world

My advise to you is the next time you hear he is in town RUN….Sit there for only 10 minutes preferably in the first two days, you will be hooked.

Nani Ma
Mobile: 0724287032
Fax: 0866137357
Email: nanima@nanima.co.za

I have traveled to many countries, attending seminars by world renown scholars such as Earl Nightingale, Dennis Weatley, Wyne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, amongst others. All these great personalities passed on information and their personal experiences. I always felt that there was a need to write a course for Muslims, based on Qur’an and Sunnah. Sadathullah Khan has done it. We have discovered talent that has the ability and method to transform people. My advice to all my brothers and sisters is to take this opportunity to learn the concept of La illaha illallah, the meaning of abundance, the meaning of unlimited possibilities and true submission to the only Ultimate Reality.

Ismail A Kalla
(Islamic Council of South Africa)

My name is MIRIAM PATEL.I attended the workshop over this weekend (July 11,12 & 13th, 2008) at Johannesburg and subsequently spoke to you about the possibility of bringing it to Roshnee.

First off all, I would like to most powerfully endorse your workshop as THE most Transformative, inspirational and eye opening one that I have ever been to.

On day two I asked you a question: Where on the spectrum on this journey to self discovery would you place your workshop. Today after the three days I would like to answer that question: IT COULD EASILY BE THE BEGINING ,MIDDLE AND END, since it covers the whole spectrum in that I have been to several self development courses and the growing awareness of all the universal truths awakening in my psyche was only hampered by the fear that I was crossing the boundary in terms of what my religion is. This of course was due to an ignorance of the simple truth of the essence of my faith, but also because I was very harshly judged by my community for participating in ART OF LIVING course and it was insisted that i had committed shirk, knowingly or unknowingly.

This growing awareness, although getting fiercer in me every day, brought me into conflict with many people, who have a very narrow view of Islam and who consequently put me in the role of the odd one out, who is seeking outside her faith and who should just read her namaaz etc, as it is clear that I am going to lose my Imaan. I, for the most part have returned true to myself but I was worried because my ultimate aim is to grow closer to Allah.

After doing your course, the simplicity of what our purpose is makes me feel that the Muslim Ummah is sleepwalking but on a sanctimonial high horse.

I want this taught to every child in every Muslim school because what we are learning is completely useless when we don’t realize how incredibly simple it is. I am a teacher by profession, but not a practicing one and I believe that if we impart this knowledge to our teachers, the ripple effect would be phenomenal. In Roshnee, we have an Islamic School run by a board of governors and my father is one of the board members. The growing concern in our community is the decrease of the moral fibre of human beings and I make dua that Allah brings your workshop to every Muslim on earth, if only to wake them up to their game of self deception.

anyway I would like to arrange as a matter of absolute urgency a workshop in our area as soon as possible. We have structures in place to facilitate and organize a workshop with a minimum of 80 people but we need a date to confirm this. We would like to arrange this at your earliest convenience.

Please let me know as I have a burning desire to bring this to my community as soon as possible.


Past sixteen years I have been searching for what I have found today! Every word spoken was powerful; it opened my heart, mind and soul and affected me deeply forever. I will never be the same person again. Past 16 years, my life has been total disaster, divorce, and physically abused, violence. Single mother of two, every problem at work, home, health and finance etc… Realized today I was a “drama Queen” creating my own misery being depressed, sad, negative every day of my life But I was searching for answers, for help, to get out of this and today Allah (swt) has accepted that Dua. I am eternally grateful to Allah and shaikh for transforming my life. I have never felt lighter, happier or more hopeful than at this point! I have found the real, true me. A dynamic, motivating and inspiring workshop. Allah (swt) has truly blessed with a gift of inspiring others.

Thank you very much! My duas are with you

All praise be to Allah Tala for creating, guiding and assisting khan to do this lofty work. I am writing these few words to thank you for a life- altering experience, for the insight into understanding myself, for giving me the keys to unlock my own joy happiness and confidence. I was “STUCK” for 20 years of my life! I have enjoyed this workshop 1000%. I felt all the time that you were addressing me. I intended to continue to make all the inner changes In sha Allah, Jazakallah-u-khairan. May Allah Tala bless you with good health, a long life and guidance to continue this lofty work. You are doing it excellently.

(South Africa)

Jazakallahu Khairan for contacting me to ask the feedback of the workshop. It is really great to attend such a marvelous workshop, Alhamdulillah! According to my knowledge, although people living as families and having relationships among them, in side there are many problems and a lot of sufferings, which they are engaging with each and every day. So, this kind of workshops could give an enlightenment to the not only to such families but the entire mankind.

I was a short-tempered person, in fact I used to get angry whenever I see an injustice and cruelty, which could happen to somebody. Because of that manner I suffer a lot. But, once I completed this workshop, I learn that how to control myself and so now hopefully I can reconsider my approaches and I could make alternative decisions regarding how to handle the situations and people whom we interact our daily life. Until now I contacted my friends and others to tell the worth of this workshop and try to encourage them to participate this workshop if possible.

May Almighty Allah bless to Bro. Sadathullah Khan and the other brothers include Bro. Ikram Thowfeek, who organized such a wonderful workshop, so we could make use of it and make our valuable life more meaningful and fruitful not only our lives but also the others lives as well.

Jazakallahu Khairan.
With kind regards,
Sister in Islam,
Lareena Abdul Haq.

In the workshop held in Batley in February 2009 the event speaker really engaged the audience on a practical level. Always clear and concise in presentation. Mr Khan was very approachable and responsive.

The workshop was very well delivered and brought to life some of the fundamental teachings of Islam that is to be humble, honest and content. Extremely well articulated, keeping the audience entertained and interested.

On the negative side, the day plans could have been better structured, clearly showing break times; exercises to be undertaken and providing more time for homework. The course materials printed in a condensed format, perhaps to save resources could have done with being separated. The location was satisfactory, could not help but think the females at the back were missing out.


I am a 43-year-old independent American woman who in May 2011 embraced Islam after a several years of searching to fill the spiritual void in my life. So when, only three and half months after I had become Muslim, a new Muslim friend invited me to attend Sadathullah Khan’s “Discover Yourself Workshop” with her, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I ultimately decided to attend, as to me any gateway to better understanding Islam was worth the investment

I had never attended such a “personal development” workshop before. But, as is common where I am from, I had a therapist who had helped me enormously in understanding my history and upbringing, how that had led to my adult self and the choices I had made, and how in the present I could better manage myself and my relationships. I, more or less, felt that I would not hear anything particularly new regarding my psychological well being and self management, but hoped to learn something more about the faith I had decided to embrace.

I could not have been more wrong. Sadathullah pushed me beyond where Western psychotherapy had ever taken me. For instance, I had previously accepted that as an adult I could understand people’s motivations for this or that action, “let go” of whatever hurt they had inflicted on me and move on with my life. Essentially, I learned through Western therapy to evolve to a position of, “Who cares? I know who I am and that is all I need.” Sadathullah made me realize that “who cares” is a soul killing proposition, especially when it comes to one’s closest relations and friends. Moving beyond this is forgiveness, acceptance and love – starting every moment from a position of “nothingness” and seeking to make all future moments worthy of my innate God-given loving character. The effects of this have already begun to change many of my closest relationships.

The concept of an “absolute truth,” known only to God, also had a profound effect on me. It may be human nature to believe that our own perceptions are reality. And, I believe that when you hold no religious beliefs, as I had most of my life, this is even more so because the only “truth” you know is the one you create. From a purely logical point of view, this is an anathema to the concept of humanity because what human unity can there be if we are each creating and nurturing our own personal truth? And it is the source of much conflict in our day-to-day relationships. Understanding the thing or the event as solely only that — a thing or an event beyond our human understanding — and not underpinned by layers and layers of often false human meaning, is a truly freeing concept. This has helped me to live a more connected and non-judgmental life with others.

Lastly, the simple message of God’s love was profound for me, perhaps because I am so new to it. But it nonetheless, in the self discovery context of the workshop, left me crying in my car on the way home on the final day of the workshop, both because of its power and simplicity. Again, I grew up being taught to measure myself as successful or not by a whole host of human yardsticks related to societal expectations. The idea that I am perfect and loved as I am, and should be striving in my relationships to emulate the characteristics of God, is truly mind blowing.

In three-days with Sadathulla, I in many ways accomplished more than I had in years of therapy. The subject – the way I live my life and manage my relationships on a day-to-day basis – was the same, but the spiritual lense that Sadathulla’s brings to self awareness, realization and development created a deeper level of understanding within me that I think resonates with the soul’s desire to be connected to something greater and more meaningful than itself, to be one with God.

Thank you Sadathulla for teaching me this, and for your continuing great work in this world

New York

The Discover Yourself Workshop held last weekend at Northwest Suburban College, Rolling Meadows was a truly thought provoking and soul searching experience for those who attended. Through 3 days of intense questioning and honest self realization the participants were guided to evaluate their long held pet beliefs to determine if they were anchored in what kind of “reality”. They were able to understand the nature of interpersonal relationships and the character of conflict. They were able to see the relevance and importance of paradigm shifts in breaking down the barriers of misunderstandings and opposing view points. And they were able to appreciate the potential of acquiring huge dividends of inner peace and personal happiness by letting go of all the weighty baggage’s of the past that so often keeps us in chains for the better parts of our lives.

All this and more they were able to understand is actually embedded in the true teachings of the Quran, a guidance that so many recite every day but follow so infrequently.

Sadathullah Khan teaches this workshop with a passion and leaves you convinced that there is so much more to life to be gained through giving and gratitude than grudges and greed. This is a life changing workshop and a must for those who are willing to bring about change in their lives. An investment of time that will change the quality of their future for good.

We hope many will benefit from this offering in whatever location it is being held in the country. We thank Khursheed Mallick of IMEFNA and Ali Niazee of NSC for bringing Sadathullah Khan and his workshop to Chicago.

Azher Quader
Executive Director Community Builders Chicago (CBC).
773 770 6166
847568 9866

How are you?

It has been three years now since I took coaching lessons through exchange of e-mails, I am happy and I am happy because Allah had poured His mercy by sending you in my life to lead me out of my darkness. I am Happy ,all my in laws and my husband and my parents and everybody is happy Alhamdulillah and doing good.

All the drama and crying and was wassa has gone ,now me and my in-laws are talking good and we are loving to each other and caring to each other. My husband is happyI am always applying your laws which you taught me you saved my marriage from going to divorce Jazak allah u kahirun Still the was wassas are coming to mind every minute and I have learned to say Shut up to it…… I still recite the ayah from Surah ibhrahim which you sent me “shaytaan says I only suggested you but you believed in me” Thanking you Sir, The Love factor between me and my husband is increased tremendously Alhamdulillah…..Please pray for me and my family . Jazak allah for all your help. I am longing to meet you ,as such I am in thirst for more Divine Laws….. If you have any nice article to share with me then just forward it to me …..I always find your mails interesting to expand my knowledge and better my life.

Jak, USA

I do hope this email finds you and your family well.

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop from the 18th till 20th March held in Johannesburg and have been telling everyone how fantastic it was. I must say, it took us a few days to recover – but nonetheless we have been trying our hardest to implement the tools that Khan Sahib gave to us.

He is a wonderfully dynamic and genuine man who is most certainly going to help many many people in their lives. His techniques are so simple yet so powerful – and we really and truly were grateful to have had the opportunity to attend. A small group of us have already had a session to recap and share everything we went through – and it really does help. We are very keen to try and get Khan Sahib to come over to Zimbabwe – both Bulawayo and Harare when he comes to South Africa next. There are many many close family, friends and community members who are experiencing very difficult times. And overall I think they would greatly benefit.

Please let me know what dates he would be due here next, as well as when he would look at going to Zimbabwe. Also in terms of costs – what would the cost be of bringing him over. Please advise as to what you think the best way forward would be. We could look for sponsors from this end. I am currently looking into the visa requirements for him.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. You can contact me on 0765867808.

Nazrana Jassat